Weird Sensation..

So I was finally able to ask my doctor about this weird sensation I get in ONE spot on my bump.. it's on the top, just a little area.. kind of where my right rib is a bit.. but the sensation is funny, tingly, just weird.. so I asked and now I feel better :) He oddly said it's probably NOT the baby.. they sometimes, since our ribs stretch from front to back, they separate a little bit to make room for growing baby and can hit a funny nerve in the BACK and cause that sensation in that one lone spot on the bump, in the front, pretty crazy, right? I thought so! He said it COULD be the baby rubbing up in that one spot a ton too.. but he suspects the nerve sensation!

It's crazy how our body's change with all this, isn't it? Has anyone else ever had something similar to this happen? Do tell if so!

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      That is pretty crazy! Wen I first started reading your message, I imagined baby tickling you from the inside with his/her hair or toes, lol. The nerve thing makes sense though. You're SOOO CLOSEEE.
        8Theresa Gould
        Yes, I think I've had that in my rib area. It's amazing what our bodies can do to accommodate a growing baby.
          i never had that... but with my second baby I had a hard time breathing and he always seemed to stick his legs up toward my chest. He was a big baby and didn't quite fit! LOL!
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