My baby girl is two months old and I'm going back to work in 5 days. I was wondering if a baby of two months is too young to be in a sleeping schedule

I was wondering if a baby of two months is too young to be in a sleeping and eating schedule ???

    both my girls had sleeping schedules from the moment they came home ... I actually started it at the hospital ... I kept miley with me and when I went to sleep and she would fall asleep along with me ... and i did this through out the day to while at the hospital and it worked amazing I came home and when continued to do this ... she started sleeping through the night at a month old :) i did this with my second and it worked with her also ..but took a little longer for through the night sleeping as she was colic for the 1st 3 months ..but after we found out what was causing the colic she starting sleeping through the night ... I believe in Sleeping schedules but not feeding Miley slept 80% of the time for the 1st 3 months as a newborn and they wanted me to wake her to feed her every 4 hrs but i only fed her when she was Hungary and told me she was ... and she was a amazingly Clam and easy baby I mean too easy for being my 1st .. a friend tryed the feeding schedule and she had problems getting him to sleep through the nights and he always wanted to eat because it was the small amount they say u should give them every 4 hrs I gave miley 8 oz every time she wanted to eat ..tho she might not finish all at once I knew she was eating because she was Hungary and just not because it's a clock work thing ... only baby's with Major health issues or nutrition needs should have feeding schedules
      I never had my children on a schedule... but I never had to leave the house for work (I work from home) ... if it works for you I say go for it!
        I think it's never to early for a routine for a baby. I had the same routine for both my girls from the time they came home from the hospital. And it helped so much. They are now 3 and 4 and when 8 o'clock rolls around they asking to go to sleep in their beds. They dont want to sleep anywhere else.
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