Has anyone had a blood test done for their kids?

Hey there... We had our well checks this morning.. no shots, thank God.. .The Doctor has always been on top of me about my daughters size.. she is 6 and is the size of a 3rd grader. She's not fat, but she's still chunky.. and is also the most active in the family.. He said looking at me and seeing that we are not a heavy set family, he wonders why she would be above the charts in height and weight - granted they match... but she's still on the larger side of things.. We eat healthy, exercise, are active, but of course have our sugar...

He said today and has said it before that he wants to do a basic blood test on her for thyroid, liver, etc... just because we can gauge anything in the further but also because she's on the heavier side of her age group, we want to make sure her body is handling it...

Part of me wants to run, part of me feels he's insinuating she's fat and part of me feels like I'm failing somehow... This is my little girl.. not my son, who is larger than most in her class, does have some girth but doesn't stop wiggling all day... I was the same way.. I was always bigger and taller... I should get the blood test just in case but the thought of taking her to get blood drawn makes me ill..

Has anyone had this? Shes' no fragile flower, but she's not fat.. He made that clear, and I understand with the epidemic going on with childhood obesity... and health issues he's doing his job... but as a mom, you can't help but feel protective of her.. she's just built this way.. she's solid and we are not a frail people...


    I think, I would do it. I know the process itself is not pleasant, but it's good to know what's going on. And if her results will come back normal, great news. If not, it's always better to catch earlier. My son is a tall boy too for his 10 years old, and our doctor is concerning about his weight. He is not fat, he is just"strong". I do not care should he drink whole, or skim milk. If he likes whole and I know it's healthy...why should i limit him?
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        8Theresa Gould
        I've never had to have any of our children's blood tested. I think your doctor is being cautious because he doesn't want to miss anything. And like the others said, better now than later. Keep us posted on how it goes.
          Amanda Hurley
          I think that every mother feels like a failure at some point or another. No, I do not think that you are failing, You sound like you are on top of it. I do agree that the blood test would be a good idea. Maybe there is an underlining condition that could cause your child to be heavier. When my oldest was 1 and 2, they considered her to be overweight, and even thought I was lying about her activity levels. She NEVER watched TV, and ran constantly from dawn til dusk. Now, she is leveling out. Some children just seem to start out heavier, and then down the line thin out.
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