How babies are made conversation

Today's kids are for the most part more open and ask questions at far younger ages. My own opinion the earlier your start those talks explicit details about sex or teach an anatomy lessons to your kids. Talks should always be geared to your child's age and stage. I already faced this talk and want to share some tips:
1. don't feel embarrassed, kids can sense when we're uncomfortable and may conclude that their question is inappropriate. I want my son coming to me with this kind of question, not his friends
2. don't tell too much too soon. give little bits of info at a time

3. discussing sexuality shouldn't be a one-time lecture, but an ongoing dialogue. We started from "I love your dad, your dad loves me and we have you", and every woman have a special place to carry their babies, you should love your wife and you will have children. About a year ago he asked why I'm in so much pain ( I had really bad cramps with my period), and I explain what every women has it(period) and it's normal. You can't have babies without it.
4. Our next step is discussing ways to say no to have sex before marriage( we're Christians), healthy relationships, and love.

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    Margaret hernandez
    great job.
      4Kerri Nino
      My older 3 children already know that Babies are gifts from God that God blesses Mommies and Daddies with once they are married! But that babies should only come when you are married and not before. So when you ask them they say no babies til I am married!!
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