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my husband and I have been one of those couples who don't fight, we're very good about talking through things and dealing with our issues. But since our son has been born we've lost some of that. We aren't fighting, instead we seem to bottle it up. Has any one else run into this or have any suggestions?

    talking through things is the way to go... bottling it up can harbor resentment... try to talk about things!
      I do the same thing. I bottle things up and the all at once blow up over something stupid. I've been working on it myself. It's much easier to just talk it out whatever the issue is. It probly has alot to do with being overwhelmed and tired from having a new baby.
        My husband and I are just now figuring out how to be Husband/Dad & Wife/Mom. It's hard! I was really scared for a while because we were fighting and loss all traces of romance in our relationship. At 6 months Avery is slightly less needy now so we have time to really spend with each other. The problem is we both used this new-found freedom as "me" time instead of "us" time at first. Now we turn off the TV and put our phones away (unless we're sharing a funny video) and just hang out. It started out as a time to get things off our chests. We had some fights and some tears, but we worked through it and now we just have fun together!
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