Depends on the child's age

I used to wake my son while he was still feeding every two to three hours. It bought me a little more sleep. As he has stretched to waking up once a night or sleeping through the night I stopped. I figure he will let me know if he needs to be fed.

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    I never used to wake my children up to be fed unless it was doctors orders (with my first I had to) ... but otherwise let them sleep!
      My daughter's sleep instincts far overpowered her hunger instincts. If I didn't wake her I don't think she ever would have eaten. Once she was back up to birth weight I stopped waking her at night though. She was sleeping 8 hours at night by 8 weeks! I still wake her from naps every once and a while if she sleeps WAY past feeding time, but I try not too. The funny thing is once I do wake her she acts like "OMG I'm so Hungry!"
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