update on our weather here colder then it sees

yep welcome to Minnesota and the Dakota's lol

update on our weather here colder then it sees
    Damn that's cold. I thought it was cold here. I couldn't handle that.
      Dear Beth, At least growing up as a girl, we called Elizabeth,, Beth. E-mail me right away if you cannont accept me; because I would never want to offend Anyone. I was reared by a surgeon and NP mother, and they found me at age 4, wearing dresses and girl's panties. They were given to me by my older sister Claire, but somehow; I always believed was a girl. I was diagnosed (in CA) as TG; and started my full girlhood. By 9, my testes were removed in Thailand; and returned to a private school as just a regular girl.

      SRS by 17, and fell in love with Brad at 20. I was a virgin. Now 3 years later, of marital bliss, I've long been totally feminized, C-cup breasts, naturally. i only know intamacy as

      a female. My mom always knew and supported. Now Brad's teen sister is pregnant, and want us to adopt the baby! I've started breastfeeding hormones with great results because of my early transition. I am also, from my parents -in my own account - wealthy. I want this baby, Cindy, to share more girlhood with her, Am I selfich? I want to breastfeed her when born, and be at least almost as beautiful as other Mothers, in my heart. If I am not welcome, I'm sorry to intrude. but, I will be her Mother and breatfeed, and be a Mom, as my mom always though I should be. Now, after five years post-op I am just a normal young woman.


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      Born: Georgetown, Texas
      Current: Wheaton, Minnesota
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      I have two daughters.. Miley and Ava they are the most amazing things ever to happen besides falling in love with there dad