My son and I had a wonderful out in California. He is almost 3 years old and we both got to meet his dad's side of the family for the 1st time. I loved how they all welcomed us, mainly me with open arms. I love that I am able to co-parent with my son's dad. We all had an amazing time as a family. <3 I was very sad when we had to leave, a lot of tears were shed, hugs and kisses good-bye. Being there for only 5 day's, I feel in love with everything and everyone down there. I have made the decision that this summer my son and I are taking a big step forward and moving down there! My side of the family isn't too happy but, I feel like it is time to spreed my wings and fly. I do have dreams for myself and my son, and the dreams I have we wont be able to get to far with them living in Kansas, I can't wait for summer! It will be that start of a new chapter in our life's!

    I'm glad you had fun and they were so nice. Follow your dreams :)
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