My 2 1/2 Toddler won't eat.

I've had problems with my son eating food ever since we switched him from baby food to big people food. I have tried everything in power to trick him into eating certain foods. His food verity is very limited. Lunch and dinner feel more like a chore than anything else! Family member's/his doctor and others have told me that he will out grow it (But when!) I had always made two different meals for dinner because, he wouldn't eat what I made. Finally I stopped doing it. Last night he sat at the dinner table for almost an hour, he refused to eat what I made. By my surprise he went to bed hungry. It breaks my heart because we have more than enough food in the house for him to be going hungry. But, I'm hoping by being a tough mommy with food that he'll eventually start eating more kind's of foods. If you are worried about it like I was, just by chewy vitamins for you'r toddler to take daily and make sure he's getting the essential proteins needed. I know how you feel, I've been dealing with this for almost 2 years now. My son has never tasted meat (of any kind.) I wish you the best and, I hope things start to get a little easier for you! :)

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