Article: Pregnancy and Weight Training

This article seems to have sparked an outcry of negativity. For me personally and my history of losses, I could not rigorously work out while pregnant. The baby we lost in June was lost two days after I ran down the road after our dog who got loose and it makes me wonder if that little run caused my miscarriage. I was using my cross country skiing machine (technical name is escaping me right now) when we lost our son Mathew at 18 weeks. Since that loss I do not work out. I garden, walk and do normal stuff but nothing heavy duty. I'd swim if we had a pool in the backyard.

I think the amount of exercise and rigor of the workout is going to depend on the mom, her fitness level and her medical history. I don't believe in mama bashing, unless she's smoking, doing drugs or drinking heavily which all can harm baby, then said mama needs someone to have a little chat with her. (wry smile)…

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    I read this the other day too, Theresa.. and quite frankly it made me disappointed in Moms.. I feel like fitness gals who get pregnant and continue to be full of energy and vigor don't put down gals who want to take it easy and lay low.. so what's the difference? A woman typically knows her own body and if you listen closely, the limits. In the barre classes I take daily, I love their saying.. "be kind to your body" it's sooo true. So whether that means continuing something you love and staying active or resting more.. there is no room for being mean. I work out daily, I did before I become pregnant.. but I know my limits.. I can't stand on my tip toes quite like I used to and I don't push my balance moves.. to each their own I say.. especially when they are not harming their body.. it mad me sad that women were so mean to her.
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