Religion....yes or no

Subject of religion is very controversial topic.

I am an Orthodox Christian, my son and husband are Muslim (he is not so true believer that is why I call him "home-grown" Muslim). Mosques my My husband and my son never visit the mosques BUT my son starts asking the questions such as "Who is God," Why do I have a cross around my neck, and he and his father wears crescent". I can not tell my son about Islam because I don't know almost nothing about this religion. I talk about Christianity, about Christmas, about Easter, etc. I would not be surprised if my son will grow up and will change the religion.

You can not baptize a child, but at least a little bit of spiritual education he should have, so that when he will grow up he will have a choice.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I have no idea as to the standards for this. But I've known people who are not religious in every day life follow the religion they grew up with and baptized their children as babies.
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