What to do when you feel an ear infection brewing and pregnant?

Hey ladies,

So as many of you know I'm just about to head into 6 weeks and yes, I feel like I'm coming down with the beginnings of an ear infection and feel a little crappy. Good old New York winter (cold v. unusually warm on too many days to count) is a guaranteed melting pot of sickypoo.

I know I should put a call into the doctor tomorrow, but what do you ladies suggest I can do as a homeopathic remedy? I've been taking more Vitamin C of course, fluids, etc. Any other suggestions? Or is there just the suck it up and deal with it method?

I'm not even sure if you are allowed to take antibiotics during pregnancy. I'm aware of only tylenol and nothing more really. I'm just nervous of the effects any medication might have on the development of the fetus.

Thanks so much.

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    No idea sorry! But be careful because i got sick once when i was pregnant and i took some medince the doctor didnt reccomed and that therew my pregancy off. Hope you get better soon!
    Thank you. Yeah, I'm holding off on taking anything until I talk to the doctor tomorrow.
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