So its Offical

Last year in december i was walking down the isle and now this time I'm walking away from the life that i built with my former husband. I don't want anyones pity, i just wanted to let everyone know that i will be a great single mother and I'm excited to venture out in the world! I cannot wait to find out what kind of mother i will be and who i am as a person. Same for my husband. getting married young is harder than you think. I am blessed for the time i got to spend with him. The eight months where we were happy before everything was falling apart. The great news is he will be a part of her life. I guess you live and you learn, but I'm glad i have my daughter because she wasn't the part that i failed. She was the only success that i've accomplished!

    Good for you! I know you will be a great mom to your daughter!
      Your a very strong woman and a great mother already. Hugs :)
        Look how positive and STRONG you are already! You be just fine.... Best wishes for a GREAT new year and HUGS you're way!!
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        21, young mother and newly single. Just gave birth 12/9/13 to my daughter Zoey! She is my world, motivation and reason to carry on. Without her i would be NOTHING!