First Bath

My husband and I were talking about this yesterday... when is the appropriate time to start bathing newborn after we come home from the hospital? That day? After a couple of days? A week? And what routines do you you have when it comes to bathing, as far as how to wash (like head to toe) and after the bath (lotion/oil/powder). Do you like to put a fresh diaper on immediately or enjoy total skin to skin bonding?

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      We bathed our girls every couple days. For the first week we just wiped them off with a warm wash cloth and baby soap. But when doing that make sure you keep the rest of their body covered with a towel or blanket cause their body temperature drops really fast. We had to give our second daughter a bath before her umbillical cord fell off cause she pooped everywhere, it was all in her belly button and everything. We used baby lotion for both of them. And we would always put a diaper on then cuddle we didn't want pooped
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