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I had a faint line with this pregnancy too. I ended up getting another one and it came out negative. After 6 pregnancy tests and 2 trips to the OB, it finally was confirmed I was pregnant lol!

4NicoleLos Lunas, New Mexico
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    It was funny cause the first time I went, It was negative and than when I went back a week later, it was positive.
    8Theresa Gould
    That's strange. Did they do a blood test the first time or just a urine? I believe a blood test would be more accurate. Sometimes the hCG levels are too low for the urine tests to pick up.

    I only ever had a blood test with my first because my doctor's nurse said they accept home pregnancy tests. But if I think if I ever experienced a false-negative I'd try to remember to request a blood test.
    No they did urine. But it was so late in the day that it didn't pick up the hCG levels. She had them test the ph balance in my urine and they said it was so diluted. So they had me come back a week later and the test was positive.
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