I think it's a difference in opinion...

I think it's a difference in opinion for everyone. I was dogged by a lot of my husbands family about why I wouldn't get my daughters ears pierced when she was little. I asked her pediatrician and she said it was at my own discretion but she didn't recommend it. She had a friend who was also a pediatrician and he got his daughters ears pierced as a baby and she ended up pulling the earring out and choking on it. She said that's what scared her out of piercing her oldest daughters ears as a baby. So I agree about waiting until they're old enough to ask for it and also my parents didn't let me get my ears pierced early either.

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    Hi Nicole,

    As you stated it is a difference in opinion and to each it's own. Hope your morning is going well.

      Hi nicole,
      I agree with you on that. It is a diffrence of opion. I mean only the parents of that baby know whats best for the baby. In my opion thiugh i would say no it isnt safe. The baby could pull on the earring or may get hold of the earring and choke on it. Have a nice day.
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