stained kid's teeth

My son got his teeth stained ones. We went to his dentist to see what's going on, and he suggested to change his mouthwash to a different brand. We did and his teeth look good now.
Some causes might be:

1. taking certain vitamins containing iron.

2.poor oral hygiene.


4.trauma may cause tooth discoloration. The cause of this is capillary breakage inside of the tooth.

Schedule an appointment with your child's dentist for a professional cleaning to remove stains not as easily removed by tooth brushing.

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    8Theresa Gould
    We've changed our children's toothpaste and suggested they use baking soda if there's are changing color.

    We've never had them actually had them use whitening treatment at the dentist, usually a normal cleaning made their teeth sparkle, which always amazed me.
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