i had to tell my daughter santa was not real

a few months ago I told my daughter santa was not real but I had to because my daughter goes to a Christian school and when my daughter mentioned santa the kids got mad and said santa was not real and that it was bad to believe in santa and that Christmas was about the birth of Christ when my daughter came home from school and told me the story I had to admit to her that santa was not real it was ok though because my daughter kind of had the mind set that santa was not real

    My mom told me santa wasnt real when i was 11. I still belived thought. But then i saw my mom filling my stocking when i was 16 . So at 16 i stopped belive. Its sad though when you hear the truth.
      Yeah.. My son is 9 and I know this was our last year of him believing and even then, I'm pretty sure he already knows and just decided to stop asking questions...
      I Did modify many things about the whole santa thing... and it worked... I don't think I will ever come totally "CLean" ... I think I will always have a bit of mystery with it all and slowly tell him I helped.. but to always believe no matter what... Cause until he has kids of his own,... as long as he comes home for xmas... santa will come...So I give him the tongue in cheek answers.. Like he KNOWS something is up, but I will never truly admit it all... lol
      A story of mine was featured on Felicity Huffman's site recently...
        8Theresa Gould
        That's too bad the other kids were not taught to keep their "reality" to themselves so as not to ruin it for other kids. We don't do Santa but I taught my children early on that even though we don't believe in Santa we are not to ruin it for children/families who do.

        I believed in Santa for an extended time, I think until I was 12, even though others around me were doubting. Guess I just wanted to keep believing....
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