Mommas taking showers

Usually I take a shower at night after my kids have fallen asleep but last night I was to tired and just went to bed. I got a shower this morning when I thought the kids were setting down watching cartoons and being good BUT as soon as I get in the water they are running around like they are crazy people. Zayla pulled the blinds down on Mylas head, Myla smashed Zaylas foot in the laundry room door( they weren't suppose to be in the laundry room but decided they wanted to get into things). Gotta love it. I remember when my girls were younger I'd take the walker and high chair into my bathroom, put Myla in the walker with the brakes on and strap Zayla into the highchair and that's how I got a shower most the Daddy works a lot and I was to tired by the time I got them to bed. Have you mommas ever done anything crazy like that just to get a shower?

    That's not crazy... That's SURVIVAL... You do what you have to do.. I stopped a long time ago to wait for a perfect quiet moment for "Me".. and it never came... I've taken more showers with the doors wide open, playing peek a boo while washing my hair through the glass than I have alone... I've had toddlers sitting at the bottom of my shower playing in my suds... Even if their dad took them when they were little, I still would hear banging and knocking on the door...
    You do what you gotta do to get your shower...
    Wait. Your daughter is 9? and she is with you in the bath tub?? I understand that you miss her when she's gone, but some of that is OKAY and actually healthy... to have some separation and missing them... you gotta allow yourself some alone time, even if you don't want it... it's important to teach her as well that it's okay to be alone...

    But to each is own.
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      I remember bringing my babies into the bathroom in their bouncy seat or car seat.
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