My Kids Have NEVER seen snow...

I Know. For most of you that sounds unheard of... and I bet sort of dreamy... No Snow.. in winter...

And believe me... we are grateful that out weather her in Southern California is so nice... BUT... still... my kids have never seen snow..

Once, on a drive home over the mountain, we pulled over at a McDOnalds where there was some old mosshy snow and we touched it..
Any decent snow is 5-6 hours away ... and I just don't have the money for an over night stay or a day at the snow parks.. YET...

Soon. though... Not much snow here in the mountains anyway... our Christmas was 78 degrees and I was in shorts all day yesterday.. NOT complaining, but would love to feel wintery a little..

    Wow I would love that :). But it wouldn't feel like Christmas without being cold and snowy, my kids love the snow they will just stand at the door and watch it snow forever.
      8Theresa Gould
      I lived in Florida for nearly four months and I missed the noticeable seasonal changes we got in Nova Scotia. There were no leaf changes and no snow fall to announce winter was on its way. Just a temperature drop and need for sweater or light jacket, even in December.

      I cannot imagine not having snow on Christmas even though we have talked about moving some place warm numerous times.

      Hope your kids get to see and play in snow one day.
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