AVOIDING the New Year Blue's...

I GOT IT! Every year I would feel so sad on the 1st and that whole week until we all got back into the swing of things and I think I've figured out why, because this year.. I don't feel so badly...

Every year around Thanksgiving.. I had this sort of "Screw it" philosophy.. I ate as much as I wanted, drank with friends, shopped.. kind of just let it go and enjoyed.... and then in my head I always thought ok.. come January 1st.. it all ends... back to business.. and I'm sorry back to business is NO FUN... so... this year, I was careful.. I had fun, I ate my treats but I remained responsible and focused and also NOT making major new years resolutions is the key... a lot of people make resolutions which equal deprivation... NO MORE alcohol.. or NO MORE coffee or NO more JOY... everything in moderation and it all doesn't seem so mean and evil of a new year...

Just resolute to do better.. not different.. just better... and then I for one, don't feel so sad that the joy and fun is ending...

    8Theresa Gould
    Good thoughts and glad you recognized what was triggering your blues. I, too, want to do better. I have a couple goals in mind for 2014 but haven't actually made my list yet.
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