baptize your baby?

​I was baptized as a baby, because both of my parents are Orthodox. My husband goes to Baptist church, so I. It was a problem when my son was born, my parents wanted us to baptized him as a baby, but my husband disagreed.

I was baptized second time when I was 29, because I was ready to develop a personal relationship with God mentally and emotionally. I wanted to assume the complete responsibility of the salvation of my soul. I think I want to wait until my son understands these things too before we have him baptized.

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    8Theresa Gould
    My husband and I were both baptized as babies (him Catholic and me either Anglican or United Church of Canada), but we both were baptized when we were older and made decisions to follow Christ (or God) with our whole lives and live according to the Bible.

    We trust our children will do likewise when they are ready and willing.
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