Heartburns :'(

is there anything I can do , to get rid of this baaaad heart burns :( ??

    I ate TUMs like they were going out of style. I also drank a lot of milk and slept with a lot of pillows so I was almost setting up cause it was worse if I laid down. The old wives tale isn't always true both of my girls were born with no hair and I had HORRIBLE heartburn the whole time I was pregnant with both of them.
      tums, don't lay flat and pay attention to what you eat before you get heartburn. Ginger snaps may bring a little relief as ginger is known to calm your stomach and sucking or nibbling on something increases salivation which should also be helpful ( :
        thanks ladies - I will be sure to do that! :) ah I'm having them baaaaad :( & headaches 'nn
          8Theresa Gould
          I've heard that having smaller meals can help. Someone else recommended barley greens and probiotics too. I had it something awful with my last child who had a head full of hair, like Sheila's Noah, so it made me wonder if there was any truth to that old wives tale that lots of heartburn meant lots of hair.....who knows....
            well, there's alot of story's some family members of mine said they never had heart burns & baby came out with LOTS & LOTS of hair . jaja :) so i guess its part of pregnancy :D ... how funnnn ! :)
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              really ?.. ah there so bad... sometimes i get them even tho i didn't have anything spicy or greasy ://///...
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