maybe i'm just a worry wort

Elryc is 18 pounds, 4 months old and still hasn't rolled over yet. i give him tummy and back time and he kicks like crazy. makes me wonder if he is gonna crawl and walk late but he does like standing and bouncing on his legs when we hold him. my sister says i shouldn't worry cause he might start off slow but speed up later in his developments.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I agree with your sister, especially if he is meeting all other milestones. It's hard for us not to worry sometimes because we just want our babies to be healthy and well.
      I got way too caught up in milestones for a while. Recently I realized that it really doesn't matter. I mean do you really think 5 year old kids are any better off if they've been walking for 4 years instead of 3 years 11 months? We're talking about just a few weeks difference most of the time. It seems like a lot when they've only been alive for a few months but in the long run it doesn't make any lasting difference.

      As long as your boy is healthy and growing don't worry. He'll learn everything soon enough and you'll wonder where your little baby went
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