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My husband and I decided to wait till our daughter was older and allow her to decide if she wants earrings or not. My mother let me get them when I was about 8 or so for my birthday. My ears would never really take earrings, and always got infected when I cleaned them. If the same thing happens to her, I wouldn't want her to put up with infected ears when she did not even ask for the piercings in the first place. In the end it really is a personal decision for your family.

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    I waited until my girls ask they just got them done in July with week between their bdays. Zayla just turned 3 and Myla was about to turn 4. They were very responsible with them and would remind me to clean them everyday. Myla's have never been infected and Zayla's only got infected once and she was sick and had an internal ear infection which made her ear ring infected. They wanted to be like mommy :) since I have mine done.
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