Thanks MOM at MOMS.COM

Happy Friday everyone... I gotta tell you... It's such a nice break coming here.. being a writer.. and an edgy (humor) one at that, I have taken some verbal beatings from people who don't "get" my sense of humor or read into it... and though I hold back here, I do let some of it out and I'm normally sort of hesitant to read comments, as I'm anticipating the people that attack.. BUT here.. no matter what I've written, there has been nothing but support.. So, I thank you moms and cheers to you all !!!

(P.S. I'm not actually drinking when I say cheers... though I should be..)​

    Same from me) Happy friday and cheers! (I'm not drinking but should))

    Who can doubt your sense of humor? Who are this nerds?))
      8Theresa Gould
      Happy Friday to you too! :)
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