should i give my 9 year old daughter coffee

my daughter is 9 years old and she wants coffee I mean I give it to her on rare occasions but now she wants it like every day should I give it to her

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      I think she likes the idea of it all maybe more... I know that I do.. I love having something warm in the morning.. I don't LOVE coffee but I love having that morning something.. Maybe she needs something else.. try a tea, a raspberry flavor or even a small hot cocoa.. Everyone has their thing.. I wouldn't give coffee just for the caffeine alone... But then I read somewhere that the sugar in a hot cocoa can be just as bad..
      Can you water it down? Give her half a cup?
      Its not like you're giving her a grande latte right?
        I dont' know.. My friend who loves in London gives her daughter a small cup of coffee every morning.. lots of milk and sugar and that's just how they do...

        I think we are so programmed to be like, NO!! Coffee BAD.. But I stopped judging parents a LONG time ago...

        You know what's best for your kid.. should she have two cups of espresso? NO.. probably not.. but a mild cup of home brewed coffee .. I really don't see an issue...
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          My first instinct is to say no, but like Jessica said, she's your child. I have always let my children have tea, but it was always decaf until they were teens. They loved having tea parties and such.
            I grew up drinking coffee since around the age of 8. Of my 4 kids my oldest is 28 and never liked coffee. My 20, 17 and 13 yr olds all love their coffee and have been drinking it since they were each around 9 or 10. None of mine drink soda so I never had a problem with them having coffee. Only problem is now I have 2 coffee makers going every morning since we all drink it
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