I don't see anything wrong with it

My older two daughter's who are 14 and 10 both have their ears pierced but they asked and are able to take care of having their ears pierced themselves. My youngest daughter is 3 and she doesn't have her's pierced yet. I won't allow any of my boys to get their ears pierced.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
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    I told my daughter she could decide if she wants her ears pierced when she turns 10. that to me was a good age that she could take care of them and understand the piercing part... It's not a big thing for her though.. she's 6 and doesn't really care.. there are so many cute press ons, etc..

    I never understood how people could pierce their babies ears until I made good friends with someone and they are full mexican and they pierce their little girls ears when they are babies as a tradition and a cultural thing and it seemed kind of cool..

    I think you're right.. if they can take care of them and keep them from getting infected, then sure.. why not.
      8Theresa Gould
      I wanted to get our oldest daughter's ears pierced but my husband wanted to let her decide. She was interested in it for a while and probably still may be but hasn't mentioned it lately.
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