Parental Controls DON'T always work...

This can be a funny story.. But only because I was sitting right there and caught it...

My daughter, she's 6 and CRAFT OBSESSED!! Which I think I've vented about before (i.e., paper scraps and glue everywhere, all the time)..

Anyway.. she loves to watch You Tube videos of other grade school age kids doing crafts.. and playing with dolls, etc.. We have found a few channels... she likes kids to be funny and also she gets ideas of what to make and how to make it... But she had been watching the same videos over and over, so I sat down with her and searched various "terms".. I searched "Little girls crafting"...

HOLY PORN! The first videos that came up were bikini clad women dressed in little girl clothes, showing their bodies and making out with dudes... UM.. HELLOOOO!!!??? Now, I'm no prude, but this was shocking to me.. and this was WITH parental controls...

My daughter has a strict rule.. she's not allowed to search without me and if she sees any grown ups in the video or men, she's to look away and find me immediately. which only one time has this come up and the video proved to just be the parents of one of the crafters...​

I'm so glad I was there.. With my son, I would just tell him what to search and I would be close by of course, but not over his shoulder...

So just a reminder..

ALSO.. anyone have any good youtube channels? She likes to watch "all about meep" - and froggystuff - just young girls play acting with their dolls or lalaloopsy dolls and most are making doll food with clay, etc...She' WAY over the toddler stuff.. no disney, no pbs, etc... she's more into the Monster High age...

    Amanda Hurley
    I do not allow my five year old on the computer, except through a program I found on my laptop by accident called Fooz Kids. She likes to rearrange my desktop and has posted on my facebook numerous times. I like Fooz Kids because the program locks them out of the computer unless they have your password. All of the websites in the program are kid friendly. I do not know anything about youtube, but if you are looking for somewhere for her to find educational websites on the internet, then Fooz Kids is your answer.
    Hi Amanda.. Thank you.. Fooz kids isn't what we are looking for... she loves the youtube kids channels of real kids that have done little craft shows or funny little skits and songs... She's 6 and bored of the educational type stuff... lol... this is for her down time to play... she watched very little and then gets an idea and goes and crafts it...
    My kids are never far from me.. If they watch something, I'm in the room and I'm very connected and present.. but it just solidified my no search rule...
      8Theresa Gould
      Yeah, our children under 13 are not suppose to be on the computer without someone older. We have ad block on some computers which's so scary because so much is out there we don't want them to see. Now that we have the little vtech tablet, it helps because they can only go on sites that I input into the web control and I haven't added YouTube.

      Our kids love to listen to music on our desktop when they are in the play room in the basement but we try and keep most of the music on our You Tube channel so they don't have to search etc.

      Sorry can't help you with more kids channels about crafting. Maybe you can look into crafting dvds at the library, surely there are some kids crafting dvds.
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