New Years!

What's everyone doing for the New year? What's your resolution?
Mine is to keep fit and be more outspoken positively.
Keep the positive and get rid of the negative in life.

    I will be home... :).. Single mom here and a sitter would be so expensive... we are staying in.. But I have to admit, unless I had a great party to go to with a lot of people I know, I would stay in... Not sure I'll last for the ball dropping..

    My resolution is to just be better... work out more, eat better, stay positive, warmer, patient..

    I find that if I make these big resolutions.. that I end up disappointed and also really dreading the new year.. Now I look forward to it... as a chance to be.. just better.
      I just like to watch the ball drop, then its bed time for me lol
        We're doing nothing staying and and having a little NYE party just me,hubby and our girls. We are going to have food and music wooo hooo :) My husband said he's going to have the girls stay up with him all night so we'll see how that goes with 3 and 4 year old girls that have went to bed at 8 their whole lives lol.
          8Theresa Gould
          We are staying in, eating snacky foods (including fruit and veggies!) and watching movies.

          No huge resolutions just some business goals to start with.
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