When Do You Decorate For The Holidays?

I'm a total cheeseball for Holidays. I've got themed lights for EVERY holiday... heart lights, egg lights, summer flip flops.. CHECK..

Halloween is around the corner and my kids are BEGGING me to put up our halloween stuff But I told them it's WAY too early... October 10th.. 1st at the earliest as the novelty wears off after about 20 days and things start to get dusty and Halloween being my LEAST favorite decorative Holiday... just because the decorations are not cozy but .. creepy..

When do you decorate your home??​

    8Theresa Gould
    We decorate a little for Christmas and a little for Thanksgiving. We usually celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, which is Columbus Day here, so we'll put up little colored leaves and turkeys the children have colored and cut out. That's basically it. Most years we start decorating for Christmas the weekend after US Thanksgiving.
      I decorate for Fall in general around the house about now.. must get my pretty wreaths put out and buy those mums! Then I add a bit for Halloween about the week before.. then switch it up for Thanksgiving just a little. We decorate for Christmas AFTER Thanksgiving.. but we also get a live tree, so hello people.. I don't get it when people get live trees SO early and then they are kaput almost by Christmas! Ours stays up past the New Year :) Oh and one WIERDDDDD thing.. my bff and I.. since the dawn of time.. start listening to Christmas music the DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN! hahaha! It's just been an odd tradition of ours because we love it so much.. no decor.. but hello music :)
        Okay... Lemme clarify.. MY home is not that cheesy gramma decorated home with the yarn work pictures of colorful eggs and I don't have themed towels, etc...

        I DO however.. put lights up.. I have lights up all year around.. I love them.. They add a nice cozy ambience to our living room and make me happy... SO I have a string or two of themed lights.. ghosts... leaves, flip flops.. more for fun with my kids.. Christmas is the big one... And Halloween we have pumpkins and witch cut outs...
        I just didn't want people to think I was some crazy person with the plastic toys everywhere.. Just some lights mostly.. but my kids want halloween to start yesterday... lol
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