why i regret getting my daughters ears pierced

well when my daughter was 5 she really wanted her ears pierced so I took her to the ear piercing place and when the lady snapped the gun on my daughters ears I expected her to cry but instead she smiled and laughed but after the six weeks were over and my daughter could take the posts out she did not want to so she kept the posts in for about 2 years but when she finally took the posts earrings out she left them out for a long time and her earring holes in her ears closed up but about three years later when she was 8 years old she wanted to get her ears pierced again this time when the lady snapped the gun on her ears she did whimper a little but after the six weeks were over she did put a pair of earrings in but she did not clean her ears like the lady told her to and to this day she does not clean her earrings or take care of her ear hole and that is why I regret getting my daughters ears pierced

    I think you only have to clean them for the first 6 weeks then they're healed and you dont have to unless they start to get infected.
      I, personally, am against gun piercings... I think they are dangerous, especially on little ones. Mine were gun pierced both times. The second time though, I was given surgical steel rings that I hardly had to even acknowledge existed. I think I had mine in for months, mostly because they weren't hideous and I was lazy... but my holes have never closed. I know that I will let my children decide if they want pierced ears on their own, though, rather than have them done as babies.
        8Theresa Gould
        I have more issues with my second holes (done at 16) than I do with my first holes. My first holes were done in the late 1970's and were these huge bullet like things but I think they were almost better than the mall piercings I got at 16.
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