MOMS! What's your "thing" with your kids...?

Every mom I know has a thing.. whether it's a certain type of toy they won't have, television, games, sugar, whatever...

Mine is juice... I'm totally against juice... lol.... of any kind... I mean my kids can have it at a bday party or something, but they rarely even ask.. they're just accustomed to water and both don't really care much for juice.. It's just sugar...

My Doctor back when they were babies told me that they don't need juice.. nothing in juice that they need.. so just give water and they will never ask for more...

I have a friend who swears her kids wont' drink water.. but I think she switched too late.. and she gives in..

Anywho.. That's my thing... Juice.. I always feel like it's equal to a candy bar...

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    My kids drink water, 100% juice still watered done and milk. I am completely against pop or those sugary juices.
      I'M AGAINST JUICE TOO! As soon as my daughter started solids people wanted to give her juice. I just don't see the point in it. I feel like it just gets her used to drinking sweet things (it's a gateway beverage, LOL). She gets breast milk and water, that's plenty.

      when she's older if we're out to dinner or at a party or something I won't make a big deal about it. It's a special occasion after all so if she wants to splurge she can. I worry that if I go too crazy over the whole thing that will make her want it more!
      true, 100% juice is a good source of vitamins but most juice has nearly as much sugar as soda. Juice for young kids (under 2) has also been known to cause dental issues because of the sugar and acidity - even in all natural juices. Generally I feel like kids get so used to drinking something sweet they stop wanting regular water. I figure if they're getting enough vitamins from fruit and veggies in their meals there isn't any benefit in getting them hooked on a sweet drink like juice.
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