Me.. Before kids.... After kids...

How have you changed from before you had kids and what you thought you would do an be like to how you actually are??

I'm pretty much how I thought I would be.. as behavior wise and demanding manners and respect and clean-up and language, etc..

But before I had kids I thought I would NEVER give them candy or let them watch 30 minutes of tv a day.. I had all these ideas of what a good mom and a good kid was to be.. but I gotta tell ya...

AS my kids are approaching 7 and 9... I let so much go and realized that even though I stayed true to some of it, most of it.. just doesn't matter..

My kids are happy and healthy and silly and make friends easily and love are loved.. All the other stuff.. .playing two sports, reading early, eating vegetables... really doesn't matter...

    8Theresa Gould
    I am pretty much who I thought I'd be in most respects, but I have relaxed a lot in the last 17 years since beginning my journey as a mother. Guess having eight children will do that. Ha!
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