i need some moms to help me !! i need some advice on POTTY trainong

potty training a boy is hard

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      8Theresa Gould
      I agree! I still have my three year old to potty train. He is trained as far as #1 goes but for #2 he does not seem to be motivated at all. He's been my longest to train, but he is also the only one to be completely in disposables and using pull-ups.
      8Theresa Gould
      Does he show any interest in going on the potty? Have you bought him his own little potty? Some of mine did well with a little seat on the toilet while others did better with their own potty chair. Right now my son is using his own little potty chair.

      Using incentives like a little sweet treat, a raisin or m & m or skittle, but beware they can use that against you. My little guy now tries to get his way by saying, "Me go on my potty".....too smart for his own good that one! ;)

      With other children just telling them big boys or big girls go on the potty diapers are for babies worked when I was expecting another child or had a baby because they could see babies needed diapers.

      Hope that helps and hope others chime in with their thoughts too.
        Maybe I missed it? How old is he?

        First make sure he's ready... Then.. my way was a little aggressive, but it worked on both my kids and my step son... (one boy, one girl biologically)..

        So, I bought ONE LAST pack of diapers... and I told them.. this is it, they don't make them for your size anymore.. and during those last days, I would have them in underwear and always "offer" the potty... Sometimes I would put a sticker at the bottom of the pot so they aimed for it.. and they would get stars or gummy bears...

        Then as we got to the last diaper.. assuming all was going well and we had SOME success.. I told them.. that's it... and I was prepared.. I had changes of clothing everywhere we went and for two days we had accidents.. not as many as you would think, but then they hated having the accidents and the feeling afterwards... so, boom.. they learned very quickly the feeling and I ALWAYS and still do (6,9 and 13).. have the rule that EVERYONE potties before we leave the house.. whether they feel it or not or have to.. we all try... Period..
        All kids were just before 3.. I know some moms will say their kids were trained earlier and that's great for them, but I think 2 3/4 to 3 is the perfect age when they "get" it..

        Always high praise.. jump up and down .. applaud.. we would do the potty dance... etc..

        Don't let it drag on for weeks and months... you run the show... they will follow.. but yes, be sure there is some interest and they are aware...

        GOOD LUCK!
        Wow, Thanks a perfect way to go at it! When i have my baby this is totaly how im going to do it!
          ohh hes ready ,he has a potty and everything he just will go potty on there when he wants to. And when he dont he will go take off the diaper and pee on the floor or on him self and i didnt want to force him because his doctor says its not go to force but what is to much force ,hes two and i do the "if youp otty monmy will give you candy " i clap and act a fool when he do go in the potty ..its a big deal i call daddy he clapps and tell him good job big boy
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