What Does Everyone Do On New Years DAY???

Usually I've felt sort of blue when the first rolls around... But for some reason this year I'm so ready for it.. I'm excited that tomorrow we don't have to be anywhere or work (outside of the home).. or really have anything that MUST happen...

My home feels so cluttered and messy... feels like there's just STUFF everywhere... toys and boxes still and one of our suitcases is still unpacked even though we've been home for a few days now...

I'm actually looking forward to a day in.. cleaning and organizing.. and putting stuff away..

I also put Christmas away on the 1st and again.. that's always been sort of a bummer... but I'm ready.. to get back to normal...

I'll work out on the 2nd.. Any of my resolutions I've had I always begin on the 2nd.. never the 1st... that day can be hard enough with cleaning and ending the holiday season.. so I feel like I'll just feel guilty if I don't juice and work out.. So, the 2nd it is..

Tomorrow.. back to regular old us... :)

    We're doing nothing. Cleaning house and putting our christmas decorations away. And I need to take a letter down to the court house that I wrote the judge about getting custody of my nephew. Cheers to getting our houses cleaned and put back together after the holidays ;)
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