for me? yes!

personally, Lucas took 2 hours to finally get out, but for me it was surprisingly easy! the 2 hours seriously felt like only two minutes. It was one of those things where you're so focused on something that it goes by in a flash and yes the relief is sooooo good! it hurts, but it's really not so bad and personally, I forgot the pain pretty fast. and it's not even pain really, it's more pressure than anything. (if you get an epidural lol) but don't worry about anything too much, your body knows exactly what to do. you just relax and do what your body and doctors tell you!

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    I was so nervous having my first daughter just because I was a new mom and had never gave birth and didnt know what to expect. Your right your body knows exactly what to do. Yes thank GOD for epidural :). And after your babies here you forget about the pain and pushing and everything else.
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