mom and baby workout

We tried yoga for kids and moms. It was fun! My son had a fabulous experience,the instructor was very energetic and kind, I loved all the fun analogies - "stretch long like a loong spaghetti, roll up into a huge meatball". I also would like to try Zumba for kids, but my son thinks it's for girls only lol

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    I never did it, but I wish I had.. Stroller moms.. I think it's called.. A group near you meets with the kids and strollers and an instructor leads you through a workout.. walking, light jogging and then they end at a park and the moms use the strollers for various exercises.. lunges, etc...
    They all look like they're having fun and chatting away...
      Sounds fun, i workout in front of my daughter while shes in her swing
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