Applebee's Article: Kid's behavoir in public

​This is such a tough situation. I feel for the parents because I've had my children act out in public, yet I also think as parents we do have a responsibility to teach our children how to behave in public. The thing is I've never heard of families being asked to leave, like at Applebee's or the article about a family being asked to get off the airplane several months ago. It seems extreme and I would thing the children would have to be extremely unruly to be asked to leave. Don't you? Thoughts?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    “This child was not wandering around.... he was running around the restaurant screaming at guests as they tried to enjoy their meals."
    Would you like to go out and have a screaming child running around you all the time? I mean if you can take it as a funny child behavior and just eat and smile-good for you. I always warn my son to behave well in public, because you're in public, you have to respect other people around you. The most unpleasant part in such situations-parent's reaction, actually it's absence.
    8Theresa Gould
    Elena, I'm the kind of parent that would leave if my child was making a scene. I was not condoning the child's behavior but I felt for them because I put myself in their position as a parent. And just because this happened to these parents this time does not mean it always happens when they are out, you know?

    I've been in many places where there has been a screaming child but have yet to witness them being asked to leave the grocery store, doctor's office or restaurant. It just seems rather extreme.
      Amanda Hurley
      To be honest, the moment my kids start acting up, whether we have gotten our food or not, I leave. I do not tolerate any misbehavior in a public place. I, however, do not believe that the restaurant had the right to call law enforcement either. I agree with the other comments made too. I have never seen a family be asked to leave because of a misbehaving child.
        It was TEN at night!!! Why aren't these little ones in bed???? THIS DRIVES ME NUTS! I know these types of parents... What they think is normal kid behavior for THEM is unacceptable to others... It's parents like these that make other restaurants make the no kids rules... Look... My kids aren't perfect.. at 10 at night they would act crazy too.. .wound up...
        I have a friend whose kid was running around the other day at Chipotle and she couldn't get him to sit, I was embarrased and then she tried to bribe him with MORE SODA! ReallY???
        So.. not everyone parents how we parent.. I'm not saying I'm better or worse, but what is their normal is not mine.. It's too bad that they didn't catch on and police were involved, but I gotta say, I side with the restaurant.. I've been to an Applebies... and it's super kid friendly... if you get kicked outta that place... you gotta take a closer look at yourself...
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