need some advice..

my son is two and is starting to have really bad temper taantrums.. i've tried time outs, taking his toys away when he has done wrong then put him time out, his father even tried spanking him.. but nothing has worked. this my first child and i would like to know what you guys may have done to get through the terrible two's.. thank you for the help

    My son is also two and was the same way, nothing seemed to faze him spanking didn't work he would just look at you like "Hey what do you think your doing" lol finally my husband would take him in his room sit him on his bed and told not to get up until daddy said to. And it worked! He cried for a few minutes and when my husband told him to come in the other room he ran in and gave a daddy a big hug. I don't know if this will work for your son but it was the secret key for mine!! I would also say that make sure you don't use one method for every punishment either if its not that bad do something that isnt quite as devistating(like the glitter jar just to change their line of thought) but if its a constant "Hey what do you think your doing, No, no no" type situation you have to turn to your "secret weapon" Hope this helps... I tend to ramble on :) Good luck!!
      oh yeah, been there!!!
      there is a lot to consider...try to keep a simple journal of what exactly sets him off each time and try to see how the incidents relate. Kids his age thrive on consistency and knowing what to expect.
      for example, you can say " when the timer says ding ding, it will be time to clean up and have dinner". He may also appreciate being given the opportunity to make certain choices...should we have corn or peas? Or let him pick from 2 different shirts to wear etc. This will allow him to have a reasonable sense of control. Also, make sure your little one doesn't spend too much time watching tv and that he gets enough sleep. Encourage lots of physical and mental exercise to wear him out (races, ball bouncing, catching bubbles, puzzles, ABC flashcards, hide and seek etc Excess energy is a major contributor to tantrums and meltdowns.
      lastly, his temper may be a result of limited verbal abilities. You could try making simple flashcards of "how I'm feeling" or pictures of common requests like favorite snacks or toys etc. He can simply pick and show you what he wants. I hope this is helpful. : )
        Thank you for the welcome Kim!! it's nice to know that i'm not the only one on this boat lol, but i will definitely try everything you guys have said, I've never heard of the glitter in the jar tactic but i will try that very soon:) thank you so much for the advice i appreciate it
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