my son is also two years old ,& his Doctor says its totally normal for tots at this age to not wanna eat much and drink more

my son was also not eating much

    my little brother hardly ate anything when he was a toddler. The doctor told my mom that toddler's stomachs can only hold like a half of a banana worth of food at a time. She gave home tiny, balanced meals like 1-2 bites each of fruit, crackers, and cheese. She put it in a plastic cup he could carry around and she would just remind him to take a bite every once and a while. This went on all day and she would just fill up his cup at meal times or if he said he was hungry.

    He was always skinny but grew up healthy. He ate normal meals with us eventually and now he has the appetite of typical 20 something guy
      My girls doctor said that as long as they eat a tablespoon per year old they are that they will be fine and healthy. My oldest did the same thing, my youngest loves food and always has.
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