Article: When things go wrong

​I thought this was an interesting article because I thought it would have a disastrous outcome based on the title...spoiler alert! But thankfully it didn't.

And I just lost 2-3 paragraphs trying to add this link at the top of the post. :(

I had just shared a couple of stories where we had good intentions but our kids got hurt in the process, making us feel like heels of course. One was my husband was playing and tickling our oldest son, then 3yo, and our son went through my husband's legs and hit his eyebrow square on the stereo speaker resulting in a trip to the ER and stitches. :(

Then there was the time I was sitting outside watching our three girls play and the youngest climbed into an umbrella stroller and stood up in it. Before I could reach her she fell flat on her face hitting the paved driveway. That also resulted in a trip to the ER. Just a bruised eye though, thankfully, no worse.

There are probably more such stories I could share, but what about you, have any of your own?…

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