Benefit of having children later.

I can see the benefits of having children later in life... The education (even if from the school of hard knocks), financial security, experience, emotional leveling, and hopefully some self-development. It gives you more time to achieve your own dreams which, of course, include great insights to pass along to children.

HOWEVER, I am a big fan of having children young- so long as you're not *too* young to handle it. The pros being more energy, being more aware of the current world/technology and trends... being in touch I guess, it makes you more relatable, and you have the flexibility of thinking that a lot, not all, people lose as they age. I think that is especially important in this world we live in today.

When people I don't know well find out I am married, planning children, and work from home, - they are either shocked by my experiences/plans or my age or a combo of the two.

I have had plenty of people absolutely ask in complete shock (and, surprisingly, anger) how I can possibly be thinking of MARRIAGE at my age, much less children. Not sure when this became anyone's business but that of my husband and me. These are people whose lives it will affect in no way whatsoever my relationship and motherhood status I'm talking about.

Of course none of these people take into consideration that I finished school early, have worked since I was 13, have been married for 4 years in 2014, and have lived with my husband for a year longer, and known him for several years before that. We have been through a lot and come out on the other side (mostly) unscathed.

Yet... I still hear the "You're so young, don't have babies!!!!! Why you married?!" from people who have not been in my life until now.

This became a massively long rant, lol, sorry. I'd love to hear from anyone else their thoughts on the subject of having kids young vs waiting til you're older. What would/did you choose? Why?

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