If you don't want the baby..

If you don't want your baby, or if you can't take care of him or her... there is plenty of support for you, and probably even more families looking for a new addition they could not have on their own. A lot of hospitals and nonprofit clinics have are safe drop-off zones for a child you are giving up for adoption. Google, the library, and a phone book should all have info on where to go in your area if you absolutely don't want your child.

If you're worried about taking care of your child, know there is a lot of support out there who will help house and feed you and baby until you can get on your feet- which is something there is also much opportunity for if you'll take the time to learn and think creatively.

Whatever the reason you're thinking about giving up your baby, I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I agree with you, Cassaundra.
      18Krissy Clarkson
      I aggrreee , but im not giving up my child never ever i love them all even the one inside of me
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