The problem with being 'gifted'

I don't have any gifted children yet... So I can only tell you from my own experience the issues that come along with being a gifted child socially and emotionally.

When I was in school I was in all the 'gifted programs.' As nice as it is being around somewhat like minded people, the programs in my area were lacking. Some of the biggest emotional conflicts were stress, isolation, boredom, and frustration.

Stress came in large part due to the emotional issues but also scheduling conflicts. In elementary school I was driven to the middle school, in middle school to the high school. Maybe this is not so bad in other places, but where I went to school they did not support skipping grades, only early graduation. So the bussing back and forth made me miss time in certain classes, messed up my schedule so I was unable to to even take other courses I might've been interested in, and, of course, made me stick out like a sore thumb. Sometimes it did work out in my favor though.

Isolation because.. well, because I was 'different.' It took me a long time to fully grasp on any real level that A. Other people had no idea what I was talking about. and B. Nobody cared to understand what I was talking about unless I gave them a reason. Also, because smart can be intimidating- I would wager there are moms here on this site who have dealt with just this conflict. Lisa Lovejoybecause girls can't be smart and engineers without being lesbians, right?

Boredom because I was not offered challenging courses and the people weren't exactly a boodle of fun.

Frustration because I was still learning to deal with people in a system not at all conducive to that. I wanted people to really discuss things with, who would challenge me on an intellectual level... and it just was not occurring there. I turned elsewhere. Also, because as I mentioned earlier, my school did not support skipping grades, only early graduation. I felt stuck in a system who was catering to athletes and drop-outs (not that there's anything wrong with being either of these things- I just think the school system should do what they can to fulfill everyone's needs) I was allowed to drop out of school when I was 16, but I wasn't 'allowed' to graduate as per their law or rule of who-knows-what reason until 17, despite the credits I had. Very frustrating.

Being a gifted child requires a serious support system, so please try to understand these feelings if your gifted child expresses them to you. Because I was not sure emotionally how to deal with these things at the time, I was often in a very deep depression during my earlier school years- something no child should have to endure. It certainly put a damper on what are supposed to be the most carefree years of a person life.

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