grrrr ... ok this is what is eating at me

Well I am So tired of the whole Family thing with my Husbands Family neither side likes me what no reason at all i have never done anything or said anything to any of them ... and anytime we are at family things ...i get stared at or they play ghost with me meaning I am there but not really .. when i try to talk to someone they just walk away from me like they didn't hear me and this is both Mom and Dad's side of his Family be honest I think it' because we r the first ones since his mom and dad to have a child before we were married ... i mean Shit happens get over it not like we tried to have one before hand and we were engaged really whats the difference ... I don't get it I am so Tired of being the ghost ... i told Adam I no longer want to be apart of his family events .. then he says well if we don't go it makes us look bad .... well we already r the black sheep ... why not just stay away ..not like any of them truly care about us....

    Its truely their lose. And personally I just wouldn't go anymore. You shouldn't have to set around while people are making you feel like that and put on a happy face about it.
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