I honestly don't know how old is too old. But my mom breastfed my little sister up until they were 5 or 6, haha I honestly don't remember.

They say that breast milk is a lot healthier, so it is really up to you.

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    Hi Jasmine! my name is crystal,im new to the group and not fimilar with how everythig works but i read ur post and thought about it. I live in ky, in the country, real country i mean. but I have been told that u will know when it time to stop breast feeding cuz of the teething. I dont mean to sound bad but their teeth will catch you, or start nibbling and it will hurt u, of course, but they say thats how animals r wheined of thier mother as well.
      The age to stop BF is all about what YOU are comfortable with ... not what society deems normal or appropriate. I know of one lady in my lactation group that was still pumping for her older children. She did not feel comfortable having them at her breast at an older age so she pumped and gave it to them in cups. One way around it I guess.
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