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I've had Bella, my cat since she was born. Her mother was killed by a fox. Bella has always looked at me as a 'mother' instead of an owner. She's demanding and spoiled rotten so when I was pregnant with Sophia (okay, this is going to sound like I'm crazy but animals know things.) I had a talk with Bella I told her if she scratched, bit or even growled at Sophia Bella would be put in 'time out' which is the carrier. Bella just snuggled up to my belly and purred which made Sophia kick away in there.
Sophia is now 2 years old and Bella has yet to growl, scratch or bite Sophia.
Sophia will poke her and pet her and when Bella has enough she'll simply get up and move. Nothing else just move.

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      My cat does the same thing. We adopted her from the shelter right before my second daughter was born. When the girls were younger they would bit her,smack her, set on her, pull her tail and she never did anything to them. She would just go limp until they were done torturing her(which I stopped) and then she would run off. She's by far the best animal I have ever seen. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats.
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