Kids fly alone?

my kids dad lives in NY... He's coming out to bring them to spend a week with them and he asked for their return flight that he could pay the flight attendant to care for them... I said no way. No freakin way. My kids are 7 and 9 and are very independent and travel a lot and are extremely well adjusted to our families ways. We all get along fine but them flying alone? Not happening. They could handle but I think of delays or what if the plane has to land somewhere else or if they get scared or sick.. So no way.
I've let go of a lot of my fears and know that them spending time with their dad and his family is so important. And he's always made sure that he flies with them whenever they travel (his family lives in TX) and they went to Hawaii for his wedding and flew with their grandma... Which was fine.
But solo?? No.
Hope this doesn't start a fight.

    they have a Person who is stays with then the whole time on a flight they won't actually be alone ... there are flight attendants who are licensed as a child Escort for flights .. they are very good and have to go through a lot to get approved for this ... they will treat your kids with respect and make sure they are well looked after ..and when they get to the airport where u are they will stay with them until u arrive
    I looked that up and saw that. It's not so much that.. It's they need a family member.. Someone they trust and can feel comfortable with. My kids are smart and well trained with strangers etc. but on a long flight from NY?? No. Not happening. Across the country? I worry if they get scared. I know my son. He's 9 and I asked him with my attitude up beat and just like what would u think and he looked at me like I was insane. Lol.
    Their dad will have to figure it out. I let them fly to Texas with his sister (who is not kid friendly but nice enough) and to Hawaii w his mom which I think she's great but a little spacey. But by NY. Nope.
    When they're older sure.
      I don't think so. Maybe when they are in there teens. But I would even have a hard time then.
        i use to work in the airlines the program is called uncompanied minors. they have a few rules they are not allowed to be on the last conmecting flight of the day in case of a delay. they stay with the panret at the gate till they board their first flight the gate agrnt takes them to the flight attendant. it then is the flight attendants job to walk them off the plane to either the oarent if it is their final destination or to a gate agent if its a connecting flight. they will always be with an adult and paperwork is involved making sure you are who u say u are when picking your children up. iin case of a delay they have priority to be rebooked on a flight home if one is not possible they send them back to their starting destination. i hope this gives u some relief if they have to fly solo. u would just voice your not comfortable with them doing that yet.
          no argument. He asked if that would be okay. I said no. It's my call. If I'm not comfortable. They don't go. He would have to fly back w them and then back to NY. I asked if he could schedule a work thing around that time so that he would fly with them to LA. But yeah he's thinking convenience and money and he doesn't worry like I do.
          But his choice to move to NY so he will have to find a way to deal.
          I'm not ready. They're not ready. I know the attendants are great but still doesn't replace a parent or family member.
          No argument. We don't fight. We look for ways to make everyone happy. He doesn't have custody so it's my call and I hate to pull that control but he knows it.
          It's sll good. Not gonna happen so he will have to figure it out.
          I do hope kids can get to NY see it and experience it.
          thanks. Yes. Lots of kids and their parents don't have a choice. Maybe the courts arrange the visits and if someone doesn't have the money then the child deals.
          Bottom line is I'm not okay with it and neither are they. He can fly me out to fly back with them I don't care. I want them to go and have fun and ill do what I can but I don't have $1000 to offer. Ill do what I need to do for my kids but not let them fly alone. Nope.
          Thank you
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