Teething and breastfeeding

My son has been teething for a couple of months, he is almost 9 months old and now has five teeth. He isn't biting me but he is sucking agressively and my nipples are starting to get sore. There aren't any cuts or other visible issues. My nipple cream isn't helping. Does any one have any suggestions or has been through this?

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    I'd be interested in why to avoid te shields. I know they're not ideal, but when my daughter was first born it was the only way she could learn to latch properly. I don't think we would have made as much progress without it and I might have given up all together. Now she's a great nurser!

    I guess we are talking about an older baby here so that could be a reason to avoid them....

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      I'd break his suction to give your nipples a break and keep breaking it until he stops clamping down. At 8 months he's old enough to catch on eventually but it will take some time of doing that.
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